Planning Laws: Reforms in Review and What's To Come

An overview of how Queensland's planning laws operate, current planning reforms and important upcoming consultation opportunities.

This free community seminar will be a conversation between
The Department of Planning, providing an outline of the new planning legislation and supporting instruments
The Environmental Defenders Office Qld, talking about what the reforms mean for community and environment
You! Have you got a burning question about any aspect of our planning framework? If you have an issue you would like to see addressed at this seminar, you can nominate it ahead of time using the comments section below.

This session will be live streamed here to allow our members across the state to participate and ask questions. (To access you will need Microsoft Silverlight - a free plug-in).

Read more about EDO Qld's planning work ...

EDO Qld in partnership with the Qld Govt

August 15, 2016 at 6pm - 7:30pm
Auditorium, Robina Community Centre
196 Robina Town Centre Dr
Robina, Qld 4226
Google map and directions

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    East Coomera is an area long marked for Urban Expansion and in 2009 was declared a Master Planned City area by the state.
    In the past two years have seen extensive habitat destruction in the Urban Koala Area (UKA) to make way for the Coomera Town Centre and high density housing. These actions have resulted in the displacement of an estimated 350 koalas and the documented deaths of many more. Sadly we cannot bring what is gone back.

    We do however have the opportunity to save what population is left east of Amity Road. Unfortunately this population is under the dual stresses of shrinking habitat and the influx of koalas displaced from the clearing for the town centre.

    Our following question relates to the area East and North of Amity Road which lies outside the town centre and is currently composed of Urban Koala Assessable Development Area and surrounding non urban area which still includes large areas of remnant native vegetation and koala habitat. That area remains home to large numbers of koalas representing a really meaningful and viable population. Our questions are twofold:

    What planning provisions will there be for areas of known koala habitat that fall in the Urban footprint? Current policy protections are both ambiguous and inadequate, and are inadequately enforced by local government.

    And secondly:

    We would seek to prevent an extension of the Urban boundary in East Coomera which would destroy our last remaining koala habitat. Rezoning of these areas as urban would simply be disastrous for our koalas. What assurances are there that policy will address the issue of urban sprawl into koala habit areas and more generally prevent urban sprawl into areas of environmental significance?
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    #Qld #planning laws are changing. Care about #koalas #thespit? Join the discussion on the #GoldCoast, 15 August.
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    #Qld #planning laws are changing. Care about #koalas #thespit? Join the discussion on the #GoldCoast, 15 August.
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