Say NO to the Eco-Charity Tax

The federal government is secretly planning a big new tax!

It's not of the fossil fuel industry, who over the past six years received an average yearly subsidy of $2.9 billion. [1]

It's not on the huge multinational companies that avoid Australian tax through offshore tax havens. [2]

It's on you! [3By taking away your tax deduction on donations to non-profit environmental organisations, like Environmental Defenders Office Qld, the federal government is taxing you for trying to make the world a better place. [4]

To voice your opposition to the new Ecocharity tax, sign the petition.

To supercharge your opposition, send a submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry, due 21 May.


1,000 signatures

Dear Alex Hawke MP, Chair of the Standing Committee on the Environment,

Please take immediate action to stop the eco-charity tax.

We do not support taking away tax deductions on generous donations to non-profit environmental organisations.

We ask that you support us by ensuring you do not tax your citizens for trying to make the world a better place. 

Will you sign?


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