It’s time for the Sunshine State to cash in on our natural renewable energy resources



What is it going to take for our governments and decision-makers to cash in on the growth in renewable energy from our abundant, clean and free sunshine and wind? ...Our voices, for one.

With coal use declining globally, renewables have powered continued economic growth and become the most affordable energy source in 2016.

Renewables generate twice the number of jobs of fossil fuels. In fact, did you know strong renewable policies in Queensland could unlock 90,000 jobs by 2030?

Clean renewable energy is not only environmentally responsible, but, with battery storage can improve our energy reliability and security, and reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuels.

So why are fossil fuels still receiving twice the subsidies of renewables? We need government action NOW to level the playing field and equalise subsidies to allow renewables to compete fairly in the market.

The renewables industry needs the stability and consistency of supportive laws to thrive – for more rural and regional jobs and a fair price for solar.

We need to cut red tape which unnecessarily prevents solar on private properties and we need to intensify investment in storage and renewable technology.

Stand with us and together let’s tell the pollies it’s time to make the positive switch to renewables today. We’ve got enough sunshine and voices to make it happen!

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Politicians and decision-makers of our SUNSHINE STATE, we urge you to:

  • Make the Queensland target for 50% renewable energy law by 2030;
  • Support large-scale clean energy projects across our state and renewables technology, for better energy security;
  • Help people who work in affected industries and their communities prepare for jobs for the future;
  • Provide a plan to help workers and communities prepare for when  Queensland’s coal and gas fired power stations close.

Will you sign?

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    I want all levels of government to work together to make clean renewable energy and storage a priority. Governments should be working for the citizens of Australia – to make a stable environment for investment in renewals to go ahead with confidence. Why not make the development of these industries a priority in rural Australia, instead of continuing to back fossil fuels, which are an environmental disaster?
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    Sign the petition: It’s time for the #Sunshine State to cash in on our natural #renewable energy resources
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    Solar is the way to go for the sake of the future.
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    Increase solar heating (water and process heating for industry and agriculture)! The technologies are cheaper than fossil fuel without needing subsidies, carbon tax or any public money expense. Just let it be implemented!
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    We must the world joke approving new coal mines when the rest are giving them away .with our sunshine we should be thinking nothing but solar
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    Sign the petition: It’s time for the #Sunshine State to cash in on our natural #renewable energy resources
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    Sign the petition: It’s time for the #Sunshine State to cash in on our natural #renewable energy resources
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    Renewable energy would solve a number of global problems including war.
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    The reality is that climate change is happening and we must plan for the future and new kinds of employment.
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